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Security Camera/ CCTV Solutions for Business!

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Security Camera Solutions for Business

JW IT Professionals is a leading IT service and tech support provider in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton. We also apply our knowledge to bring our customers high-end security camera solutions.  Our customers benefit from our knowledge of how computer systems work. We apply our expertise of networks to build strong and secure cameras systems for businesses. 

We do not deploy old-fashioned systems that make it impossible to see the people in the frame. Our systems are digital IP based with the latest technology to provide you the most feature rich experience. Gone are the days of using security camera systems as a deterrent. Use them to actually provide you information and prevent further infractions being commited on your property. 


We are experts at installing security cameras for West Palm Beach businesses. We have partnerships with Hikvision, IC Real Time, Ubiquiti, and many more. 

Gated Communities

If you are an HOA in Palm Beach County looking for a camera solution that is easy to use and just plain works, we are here to help. We respond quickly and have experience working with HOAs and their board of directors.

Shopping Plazas

Allow us to come to help keep your plaza safe. Increase the safety of the businesses you lease to and the patrons that visit your plazas. We are truly professionals in ensuring the safety of your West Palm Beach shopping plaza.


We provide our customers with unmatched service and support for all their technical needs. Operating from Boca Raton to Jupiter, Florida we have your backs in this growing technology age.

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Products & Technologies We Use

Our initial consultation will be to find out what is important to your local West Palm Beach business or community. We’ll talk about the different technologies and associated costs to custom design the perfect system for you! 

AI & Machine Learning

State of the art camera systems that use AI & machine learning to determine differences between humans and other objects.  

Virtual Tripwires

We can define tripwires that will alert you and the system, as well as follow a person’s movement throughout the property. 

360 Degree Cameras

Cameras that can see 360 degrees in a room from one low profile camera. These cameras are full HD and can reduce the cost of running multiple wires and the need for multiple cameras. 

Security Cameras With Audio

Stop just observing, listen in on the conversation so you can put context to what is actually going on. 

Pan, Tilt, & Zoom Cameras

State of the art cameras that can be positioned and manipulated to see for miles away. This technology will give your business the tools to get the most out of your security cameras. 

JW IT Professionals installed my cameras and sound systems in my home. At our first meeting, he patiently listened to what I wanted then we discussed the different systems and prices….


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What They Are Saying

Jordan is by far the BEST!! I recently got home security cameras installed & he went beyond what he needed to in order for my cameras to be installed in the exact spots that we had asked!! I recommend him & the company to EVERYONE!



A year later I also had them install an outdoor sound system and camera system. He found great systems in my price range and was there to teach me how to properly use them and answer any questions I had! I wholeheartedly recommend this amazing company!


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