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System Upgrades


System Updates & Upgrades

New updates and features are released regularly to keep your systems safe and allow you to better connect with your customers. We service small and medium businesses in the Palm Beach County area to help them stay current and safe. Upgrades can be preformed overnight or during your slow times so you do not see an interruption in business. We check compatibility of your current software before preforming any updates and make sure everything is functioning properly when we are done. 

What Systems Need Upgrades?

When thinking about upgrades, many assume computers and servers are what need upgrading. This is true, but in the technology field everything can be upgraded and supported. Networks, Phones, Tablets, Printers, Access Controls, Cameras, and so much more. We upgrade to keep you running smoothly, enjoying new features, and most importantly to keep you safe. 

Computers & Servers

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Computers and servers help companies get things done. Keeping them up-to-date ensures productivity and security. It also brings updates to employees with powerful new tools. We pride ourselves on making sure we keep you on the latest technology trends. 

Networks & Firewalls

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When most here network updates they think security. Yes, security is a big part. However, network upgrades also mean better speed and connectivity. Just like computers, networks offer powerful features to keep an office running smoothly and efficiently. 

Other Office Hardware

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Phones, printers, and other important office devices also need updates. We are sure to stay on top of all of it. This prolongs the life of your devices. That saves you money! 


The Upgrade Process


Review the System

Part of the process is reviewing the system and making sure it is ready for the upgrade. This is not limited to, ensuring the software you use every day will still operate correctly after the upgrade. 


Test the Update

Before making any large system changes we test the system on a small selection of your office. This ensures any issues are found and removed before we send out the update to the whole business. 


Deploy The Update

Once we have ensured the system is ready for the update & everything is ironed out we will then deploy it to the office. This is the point where we train the staff & make any modifications to fit their work-flow. 

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Our mission is to provide our customers with unmatched service and support for all their technical needs. Operating from Boca Raton to Jupiter, Florida we have your backs in this growing technology age.


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