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Managed IT Services

Tech Support at a Predictable Monthly Price

Save Money

Managed IT Serivice is tech support with predicatable monthly pricing. This helps keep your technology support and repair bills low. We often find issues before they become a problem. 

Less Down Time & Peace of Mind

Instead of fixing things when they break, we identify al lot of issues before they become a problem. Have peace of mind knowing you can reach out to us with any questions or concerns about your technology. 


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What’s Included With Managed IT Services

The Cost per server per month is:

Remote & On-site Support

All the remote tech support you could need or want. When things are not functioning properly we show up on-site. However, this can usually be prevented with routine maintenance. 

How can I contact tech support once I am your customer?

Once you have the professionals on your side, we will place easy to find service stickers with our phone number and e-mail posted clearly on it. This number will be different than our main number. It rings our support agents immediately and will reach us after hours if that’s included in your package. 

How much on-site support is included?

For Business Stater we  will be onsite as much as you need us, but there will be a discounted hourly rate billed to your account. 

For our Business Select and Business Premium customers, as much as you need. We want to keep your monthly IT Budget  predicatble. That’s why we have simple pricing. 

When should I call Tech Support?

Call us for any question, big or small. We will be happy to help assist you with all of your technical questions. 


Backup, Redundancy, & Preventive Maintenance

The best part about our managed IT services is that you can rest easily.  We take all the proper precautions to make sure your business systems are protected and running as reliably as possible. 

What Is An Equipment Check-in?

We come in at convenient times for your business or office. We run through a checklist and make sure all systems are operating properly. If systems are not up-to-date or are not working correctly, we either take care of it on the spot or create a work order to make sure it is handled at the next earliest convenience to your office. One of our top priorities is to be unobtrusive to your office, while still keeping everything at peak performance. 

Redundancy. Do I need it?

In many cases the technology in your business is critical to your operation. We find that for mission critical hardware it is always important to have as many fail-overs and redundancies as possible. This ensures when something does go wrong you see little degragation in service. 

Do you know for sure your last back up ran?

We do! We use systems that report to us everyday letting us know if back-ups ran correctly. Moreover, we often deploy solutions that back up critical data both on and off-site. Off-site backups will protect against: robberies, natural disasters, and catastrophic failures. 

Monitored Networks & Connectivity

We have tools that allow us to monitor your network. We use large names like Cisco, Ubiquiti, and PFSense and with these networks we can monitor them and get alerts if they go offline. This allows us to respond quickly to anomalies and get you back online faster.

How are you alerted?

The systems report directly to our support email, phones, and through an online portal. We monitor the situation and make sure the outage is not due to an Internet Service Provider. We respond quickly to get you back online.

How do you prevent internet outages?

There is no way to prevent an internet outage from an ISP. However, many of our systems have the ability to run multiple failovers in case one connection goes out. For example, if your primary connection from Comcast were to go out we could failover to your secondary connection of AT&T. We could even failover to a cell tower if needed to ensure the most reliable connection possible.

What tools do you use to make my network safe?
We use a variety of sytems. We deploy a robust business grade firewall. We use other technologies like IPS, Threat Managment, End Point Scanning, and Honey Pots to keep your network safe and secure. Often times a computer’s weakest link is the human factor. We have policies in place to reduce and mitigate these vulnerabilities down to a minimum.



What are managed IT Services, and are they right for your business? We support all size businesses and provide our customers with peace of mind knowing they can count on us to support them and their technology. 

What are Managed IT Services?

We are the Tech Support you can always call on. We provide affordable options for businesses of all sizes. With Managed IT support we will help keep your local small or medium-sized business running smoothly.

Do I need Managed IT Support?

Any customer that wants the peace of mind that they will always have someone to contact with technical questions should have a Managed IT Service plan. Our tech support agents are local and we develop a relationship with your business and staff. 

What if my business has only a few employees?

We have designed a Business Starter to be there for small companies as they grow. When building the Business Starter tech support package we asked ourselves one simple question: What services can a small business not live without and what would help them thrive? We know our Managed IT support will bring you and your business peace of mind!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Our agreements are month to month. We want to make sure we are consistently providing value to our customers. We ask that you alert us 15 days prior to your next billing date. 

How long does it take to get a response?

Under normal circumstances, our techs can speak with you right away. Our company is structured so that we have a tech to take calls all day long. For our customers who have 24/7/365 support plans, we always have a tech on call, so even at 3 am we are available to your business.

What if my payment system goes down?

This is something we consider mission-critical. All mission-critical services get put into the highest priority. We know your business needs these things to make money, and our job is to make sure you operate as smoothly as possible. This is one of the invaluable times to have the professionals on your side.

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Our mission is to provide our customers with unmatched service and support for all their technical needs. Operating from Boca Raton to Jupiter, Florida we have your backs in this growing technology age.


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