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Construction & Trade IT Support

General Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC, and many others work across Palm Beach County. The IT support we are able to provide highlights a smooth office, and easy communication from the field back to the the office. We are service workers just like you, and we understand the importance of working from the office to close deals, but also having the unique need to work while on a job site. 

Our Services

Computer Networks

Being able to write up invoices, fill out paperwork and access your customer databases is imparitive.

VoIP Phones

Allow you to transfer calls to your techs without ever using their personal number.

Fast Support

Not being able to make the sale or looking bad to your customers, is not an option.

Software Support

We can help with your Quickbooks database or other customer management software. Let’s get rid of the lag.

Ask us how we can help you work from the office or job site seamlessly 


We Understand How You Work

IT support for your local West Palm Beach construction office, plumbing company, HVAC company, or electrical company is a must-have! We have experience making your operations run smoothly. We fit your IT needs to each individual office. There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter IT solution.

We know exactly how to support your business. We often find you have a back-office staff, dispatchers, accountants, and field techs. This means that there are a lot of moving parts which require IT support. We strive in resolving problems quickly and accurately.

Your phones are how you communicate with your customers and techs. We acknowledge the need for a strong VoIP system that also has a network backbone that prioritizes voice traffic so your calls remain clear and connected. We incorporate IT technologies such as: QoS, static routs, and the OSI model to ensure you have the best uptime possible.

We stand by you in continued support so you do not have to worry. JW IT Professionals will always have your back.

Years Established

Hours in Construction & Trade


Examples Of Our Work

Car Dealership IT Serves and Support - West Palm Beach

RJS Construction Group

Our IT services were needed in a General Contractor’s office in West Palm Beach. We helped this local general contractor by taking a look at the big picture. He was frustrated with his IT Support team and was looking to have fresh eyes look through his setup.

We found outdated network equipment, no documentation, old phones, and outdated computers. We brought all of this to the attenion of the owner. He decided to move forward have us fix all the issues. Now his office runs smoothly and only has to call us in on rare occasions.

Tire IT Network Service and Support - West Palm Beach

Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air

Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air is a forward-thinking West Palm Beach company that puts technology at the forefront of their service. Naturally, there is a lot to manage from an IT Service perspective. Their back-office was expanding so quickly it was time for us to look into new switches, more powerful firewalls, and routers that can handle the traffic. Additionally, they have two offices in separate buildings.

Due to the constraints of the property this means they are utilizing a building to building wireless link. This link was set up by a 3rd party vendor. After running some ping and iPERF tests we concluded that the erratic connection was due to a misalignment of the antennas. 


What People Are Saying

JW Web Potentials is a top notch IT solution provider. They have our office running smooth!

RJS Construction Group

The owner had the day off, but came out anyway because of my schedule and because the other employees were booked. He spent hours getting my network running smoothly, organizing and installing things, setting the system up, and explaining everything. He also explained what I needed and did not need, and saved me quite a bit because it turned out another company I received a quote from had a massive mark-up on what they were installing. Professional. Kind. Great pricing. Just an all around solid company and service.

Lake Worth

I have been working with Jordan Whissell for about 5 years now. He is responsive, fair, competent and above all pleasant and patient. He is clear about what needs to be done and handles problems in a professional no nonsense way. I have referred him to all my neighbors and friends.


Old Palms

JW is a wonderful and professional IT Company that provides reliable, affordable, and elegant solutions to any IT issue you may have. I highly recommend his expertise for any of your IT issues. From e-mail issues to website maintenance and beyond, he’s my go-to guy!!.



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Our mission is to provide our customers with unmatched service and support for all their technical needs. Operating from Boca Raton to Jupiter, Florida we have your backs in this growing technology age.


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